A Guide to Dog Walker Training

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to dog walker training, where we uncover the essential skills and responsibilities needed for success in this rewarding field. From understanding the duties of a dog walker to exploring the importance of professional training through a dog walker course, we’ll navigate through the ins and outs of this profession.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, join us as we delve into the world of dog walking and discover how to excel in providing quality care for our furry companions.

In this article we will explore the role of a Dog Walker. In the simplest of terms a Dog walkers are people who are hired to take dogs for walks.

Dog Walkers are also sometimes referred to as Pet Sitters, the two words are often used interchangeably. It is the responsibility of a dog walker to head to a client’s home and take out their dogs for their required daily exercise.

This is a great job that is suitable for individuals that want to have flexible workdays, love canines and are able to work without any supervision.

Duties of a Dog Walker

The responsibility of a dog walker typically requires being able to handle the duties below:

  • Offer exercise to dogs owned by clients. These exercises are ones that usually last anything from 30 minutes to an hour
  • Picking up and getting rid of any droppings the dog might eliminate while on the walk
  • Check to ensure that the dog’s water and food supply are adequate enough to sustain the dog once back from the walks
  • Ensure that owners are notified if their dogs become injured or sick under your supervision.
  • It is also necessary to seek veterinary attention in case of the above happening

These are just some of the duties a dog walker is expected to carry out.


One of the important things to note is that dog walkers bear the responsibility for the dog’s safety while they are being walked.

This is why it is essential for dog walkers to give their client a document that fully lists the contact information of the vet, the owner, and any other important pieces of information concerning the dog like breed, age, weight, current medications and medical conditions.

As a dog walker, it is possible for you to work alone, however, there are others that tend to hire the services of extra dog walkers in a bid to grow their dog walking business.

This enables them to serve a larger number of owners, potentially expanding their current service coverage. It has been known for dog walkers to offer supplementary related services like grooming and pet sitting.


Dog Walker Training

When it comes to the certification, training and education required of a dog walker, there are many online animal courses which are useful to have on your CV.

To become a dog walker/pet sitter there are no specific formal qualification required to enter the industry.

It is very advantageous to have professional training such as animal welfare, dog training, animal first aid or animal care. This will help you place yourself at the forefront of the industry and show potential clients that you are serious about the work that you do.

Previous Experience

An advantage that any dog walker would like to have is prior experience walking dogs. This is because dog owners tend to be more at ease leaving their dogs with individuals that have prior experience and a good reputation. You don’t have to get a formal education to be a dog walker.  You do have to have a good reputation and be trusted by your client, especially working alongside dogs to be a dog walker. You have to be extremely familiar with the typical behaviour of a dog, first aid and basic care.  That when taking an online courses would help to give your clients that peace of mind.

For you to be an avid dog walker, you have to always treat every dog you walk in a manner that is compassionate.

You should also show respect, kindness and care. You should also have great customer skills, which will be very useful in dealing with dog owners ensuring that they are satisfied enough to become repeat customers.

You also have to be patient at all times, especially when you are working with dogs, as it would take a bit of time before you become familiar with one another.

Do I need Dog Walker Training?

Considering a career as a dog walker? You might be wondering if formal training is necessary. While there are no specific qualifications required to enter the industry, investing in dog walker training can significantly enhance your skills and marketability.

Animal Courses offers comprehensive online courses tailored for aspiring dog walkers, including specialised training in animal welfare, Canine Behaviour training, canine first aid training, and Dog Walker and Pet Sitting. These courses provide valuable insights and practical knowledge essential for excelling in the field. By obtaining professional certification through such courses, you not only demonstrate your commitment to providing quality care but also position yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable professional in the eyes of potential clients. Whether you’re looking to start your own dog walking business or join an established company, acquiring the right skills through dog walker training can set you on the path to success.


Dog walker training plays a crucial role in shaping a successful career in the field of pet care. Through comprehensive courses like those offered by Animal Courses, aspiring dog walkers gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide exceptional service to their furry clients.

By investing in professional development and acquiring specialised skills, individuals can set themselves apart in a competitive industry, earning the trust and loyalty of both pets and their owners.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your dog walking business to the next level, the benefits of dog walker training are undeniable. So, embark on this journey of learning, and unleash your full potential as a dedicated and skilled dog walker.

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