Work in Dog Boarding Kennels

Many students often as what is it like working in a dog boarding kennel? Working in a dog kennel can be both an exciting and rewarding career. As a kennel…

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Dog Walker

Dog need regular exercise and that is where the role of a dog walker comes into play. Dogs are pretty much the best creature on earth. They are also a…
professional dog walker

How to Become a Dog Walker

In this article we will explore how to become a dog walker/pet sitter. Are you a dog lover? If so, dog walking could be your ideal career. You’ll get to…
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What does a Dog Walker do?

In this article we will explore the role of a Dog Walker. In the simplest of terms a Dog walkers are people who are hired to take dogs for walks.…
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Animal Care Assistant Job Roles

In this article we will explore what does an animal care assistant do? The role of support animal care assistant tends to significantly vary from one practice to another. In…
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