How to Become a Dog Walker Complete Guide

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Curious about how to become a dog walker?

Learn the top reasons why dog walking offers flexibility, autonomy, and endless opportunities for canine-loving individuals. Dive into this insightful guide now!

Key Questions on How to Become a Dog Walker


What qualifications do I need to be a dog walker?

Qualifications for dog walking typically include a love for dogs, physical fitness, basic knowledge of dog behaviour, and possibly certification in a canine first aid course can help you stand out in the crowd.

How much does a dog walker earn?

The typical annual salary for a dog walker in the United Kingdom is £26,325, equating to an hourly rate of £12.50.


How much do you get paid to walk a dog?

Dog walking fees in the UK typically range from £10 to £15 per hour, with the average around £12.50. This is influenced by factors such as location, the walker’s experience, and the number of dogs involved.

How do I start my own dog walking business?

To start a dog walking business, create a business plan, obtain necessary licenses or permits, set competitive rates, market your services effectively, and prioritise safety and professionalism in your operations.


Top Reasons to be a Dog Walker

Dogs need regular exercise and that is where the role of a dog walker comes into play.

Dogs are pretty much the best creature on earth. They are also a lot of fun to take for walks!

It’s easy to see why people love dogs so much and why dog walkers have such a great job. Dog walkers get to be outdoors, and the fresh air, sunshine, and exercise will do their own health some good too.

Dog walking is an exciting career. You will get to enjoy the outdoors, taking our beloved four legged friends out for their morning/night time strolls or even hikes in some cases. You will help keep them healthy and happy while also giving them all of the love they need!

Let us take a look at the top reasons to become a dog walker.

how to become a dog walker

Dog Walkers Choose Their Own Hours

You have the opportunity to set your hours and your hourly rates when becoming a dog walker.

Think about it. You have the ability to create your own work schedule.

You select which jobs you would like to do and only you are now to decide when you are available to work. What’s even better is that you are able to sit down with the pet owners and set your own wage.

One thing to do before having this sit down meeting however, is to research what the going rate for dog walkers in your local area is to ensure that you do not short change yourself.


Advertising is Easier for Dog Walker

Thankfully in today’s modern world, you don’t have to worry about printing flyers, and then handing them out at the grocery store or placing them on telephone poles.

All you need to do is locate a great website that serves your locality and advertise your dog walking business on there. You don’t have to worry about missing out on any potential customers as you have the highest visibility available.

You also don’t have to worry about people making crank calls to your number disrupting what could have been a great opportunity to make some money. The site you use is totally up to you, however you should do your research to find a site that has things like sufficient traffic, a high ranking, and of course, if it is a paying site, find out about the fees incurred by using the site.



Dog Walker Reputation

There is nothing as great as becoming a frequent walker for a particularly puppy or dog, and that dog starts to bond and create a relationship with you.

Considering that you are a dog lover, for you to want to even be a dog walker in the first place, there is nothing as wonderful as having one of your regular clients, see you and suddenly become active, wagging their tails, acting extremely excited to see you.

Look at it this way, when their owner is out and about or at work, they miss them, you help take that edge of by being there and being another human that they love spending time with. This is an extremely amazing feeling.


Relationship with Dogs

With a dog there is only one way to know for sure if you have become actual, real friends or just acquaintances. The way to know this is the way the dogs look when you are done walking them and are about to leave.

They will usually have a sad face accentuated by their big somewhat teary eyes the moment you move to leave.

As a dog lover it can be difficult to see that face and say bye, however this is a wonderful moment as you know for sure that your dog client really does love you.



Dogs bring People Together

When the dogs make strangers smile

Nothing as great as you walking a dog and having passers by ‘aww and aaah’ over the dog.

This is a great feeling to have, now imagine if you had the opportunity to bring joy to those people on a daily basis, wouldn’t that be great?

Dog walkers don’t just have time to spend with furry friends, they also get the opportunity to make new friends and socialize – even if that’s just over the internet.

The work isn’t all about playing games or cuddling on the couch, though. Dog walkers also need to be responsible for scooping poop and cleaning up any messes left behind by their canine clients.

The jobs that we do can have a big impact on how we are able to live our lives day-to-day. When you take care of someone else’s pet, you’re not only being a friend and providing them with



We hope you have enjoyed this article on top reasons to become a dog walker.

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