Animal Care Courses

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animal assistant therapy session

Animal Assisted Therapy Course

Level 3
18 hours
Animal Care

Animal Care Advanced Course

Level 4
20 hours

Animal Care Level 2 and 3 Course

Level 3
34 hours
animal care assistant

Animal Care Level 2 Course

Level 2
16 hours

Animal Care Level 2, 3 and 4 Course

Level 4
54 hours

Animal Care Level 3 and 4 Course

Level 3
38 hours
Animal Care Level 3 Course

Animal Care Level 3 Course

Level 3
18 hours

Animal Emergency Course

Level 3
12 hours

Animal Management Course

Level 3
18 hours
Animal Nursing

Animal Nursing and Welfare Course

Level 3
18 hours

Animal Care Courses Online

Animal Care courses online offer a comprehensive understanding of the needs and care requirements of various animals.

These courses are designed for animal enthusiasts, pet owners, and individuals considering a professional career in animal care.

They cover essential topics such as animal health, nutrition, behavior, first aid, and the ethical issues surrounding animal care.

By enrolling in an online Animal Care course, you can gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality care for animals, whether as a pet owner or a professional in the field.

What are Animal Care Courses?

Animal Care Courses are educational programs that impart knowledge and skills related to the welfare, care, and handling of animals.

These courses range from basic to advanced levels, covering everything from general pet care, animal anatomy and physiology, to specialised topics like veterinary science, wildlife rescue, and rehabilitation.

They are typically designed for a variety of audiences, including pet owners, aspiring veterinarians, animal shelter volunteers, and professionals in the pet care industry.

Many of these courses are offered online, providing flexibility for learners to study at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Why Study Animal Care?

Studying Animal Care is a rewarding pursuit for a variety of reasons. For those with a love for animals, these courses provide the crucial knowledge and skills to ensure their wellbeing and offer quality care.

They can equip pet owners with the vital understanding of their pets’ health, nutrition, and behavior, leading to a happier and healthier pet.

For those considering a career in the field, these courses offer a solid foundation, and can be a stepping stone into roles such as veterinary nursing, animal welfare officer, or wildlife rehabilitator.

Moreover, studying Animal Care can also foster a greater sense of empathy and compassion, traits that are not only beneficial for animal care, but in all aspects of life.

  • Learn new skills working with small animals
  • Embark on a rewarding career in animal care
  • Study at your own pace with our flexible online animal courses
  • Get the skills and training you need to work in a variety of animal related careers

What Animal Care Courses Can I Study?

Our popular online canine courses include:

These are just some of popular courses our students order.

Top Careers Working in Animal Care

If you have a passion for animals, you might consider a career working with our beloved four-legged friends. Working with animals is a rewarding career that can increase your happiness in the workplace and one where every day is unique.

Taking an animal care course and improving your CV can give you the skills and training you need to embark on a fulfilling career working with a variety of animals.

  • Animal Care Assistant
  • Animal Trainer
  • Pet Caretaker
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Veterinary Care Assistant
  • Animal Shelter Manager
  • Animal Behaviourist
  • Pet Groomer
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Animal Nutritionist
  • Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

These are just some of the amazing jobs working in animal care.

Studying Animal Care Courses from home

Studying Animal Care Courses from home presents a unique opportunity for students to balance their education with other commitments.

This flexible study format can be particularly beneficial for those juggling family responsibilities, regular employment, or those who live far from a physical campus.

Online learning platforms offer comprehensive course material, instructional videos, and interactive forums for discussions, allowing students to delve deep into the subject matter at their own pace.

Moreover, it provides a chance to interact with a diverse cohort of students from various geographical locations, expanding one’s understanding and perspective of animal care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Online Animal Care Training

What prerequisites are required for enrolling in a animal care course?

There are no specific prerequisites or prior experience required to enroll in an animal care course.

These courses are designed to accommodate both beginners interested in the field and seasoned professionals looking to enhance their skills.

The curriculum starts from the basics and gradually moves to advanced topics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of animal care regardless of the student’s initial skill level.

This makes animal care courses a great starting point for anyone who has a passion for animals and wants to pursue a career in animal care.

Can I study these animal training courses while working full time?

Yes, all our online animal care training courses are thoughtfully designed to be flexible and self-paced, allowing you to conveniently fit them into your busy work schedule and lifestyle.

Whether you have a demanding job or a bustling personal life, our courses provide you with the freedom to learn at your own pace, ensuring you can fully grasp the concepts and apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

With our comprehensive modules and interactive learning materials, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of animal care.

What job opportunities are available upon completing an animal care course?

Our online courses will help prepare you for the skills required in a variety of job roles.

Many students add these online animal courses to their CV to help support job applications for roles including animal care assistant, veterinary care assistant, animal shelter worker and more.

Are the animal care courses, cpd accredited courses?

Yes, all of these animal courses are externally accredited and conform to the universally accepted CPD standards.

Do these Animal Care CPD Courses count towards CPD Points?

Yes, the online courses count towards your CPD points and form part of your professional development.

Will I receive a certificate or diploma from taking the animal courses online?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an official accredited certification.

How is the course content delivered?

The course content is delivered online, accessible via any device with internet connectivity, providing you the comfort to study from anywhere in the world.