Dog Training Courses

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canine behaving

Canine Behaviour Course

Level 3
24 hours
Original price was: £249.99.Current price is: £19.00.
Canine Communicating

Canine Communication Course

Level 3
16 hours
Original price was: £199.00.Current price is: £19.00.
canine psyhcology

Canine Psychology Course

Level 3
12 hours
Original price was: £199.99.Current price is: £29.00.
Dog Walker

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Course

Level 3
20 hours
Original price was: £199.00.Current price is: £24.00.

Pet First Aid Course

Level 3
12 hours
Original price was: £100.00.Current price is: £24.00.

Dog Training Courses

Train your furry friend to be the best version of themselves with our professional dog training courses.

Our Dog Training Courses are designed to inculcate good behavior and obedience in your furry friends. We focus on teaching basic commands, socialisation skills, and proper leash manners.

The courses are divided into levels catering to puppies, adult dogs, and dogs needing advanced training. Each level is thoughtfully structured to ensure a wholesome learning experience for your canine companion.

Participation in our courses also strengthens the bond between you and your pet, making you an integral part of their learning journey.

Why Study Dog Training

Studying dog training courses offers numerous advantages both for the pet and the owner. These courses equip you with the essential skills to manage, control, and understand your dog better.

By learning effective communication techniques, you can establish a stronger bond with your pet and reduce behavioral issues.

Furthermore, it ensures the safety and happiness of your dog as they learn to navigate the world around them. For the pet owner, it instills confidence in handling their pets and promotes a peaceful coexistence.

Ultimately, dog training courses lead to a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship between you and your pet.